Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yale School of Medicine

So you maybe wondering why I visited the Yale School of Medicine, but to me this is in the hope that for some this might be the next step for you after your graduate from College.  I was honored to meet with the Director of Admissions Mr. Silverman.  He as well was wondering why a High School Counselor would be interested in this program.  I explained that all of our students in WCCUSD have the opportunity to participate in an academy, and at De Anza we have a Health Academy.  While many of these students will go on to college, not all will go on to medical school, nor is this the intent of this system.  I personally wanted to have a better understand of some the opportunities outside California for our students. This allows a student the opportunity to bloom, and spread their wings.

 I was very excited to hear that Yale Medicine has a large contingent of students that had come from California and even have a support system that they created, to help adjust to the east coast. While most of us change our career paths many times, the idea of having options and ideas beyond the small area that we live in is vital to making the best choices for ourselves.  While much of the application appears to mirror that of many other medical programs, Yale Medicine has a wonderful book called "100 Reasons"  that give some amazing insight into why Yale?  One of my favorite is number 10.  Haven Free clinic that was created by medicial students, nursing and public health in 2005 to help the area here around Yale University.

The program sounds amazing, but they key appears not to have the right combinations of classes, internships etc. but rather a grasp on who and what you are and be commitment to that goal, as well as the confidence and belief that this is what you are meant to do.