Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Dyana So, Matt Lee, Tom Miller, William Mongan (Princeton Alumi)
The end to a wonderful day was found at Le Bec-Fin a French dining experience. 

I really enjoyed the walking tour of Princeton.  The buildings are old and beautiful; the courtyard in the above picture was in the Transformer 2 movie, when Sam goes away to college.   The back of one of their other buildings is suppost to be the medical college in the show "House".

We started our day on a train to Princeton; the weather was a balmy 90 degrees. No need for a sweater, however lots of sunscreen with multiple applications. It rained yesterday, which helped with the heat. The skies were cloudy and grey.  Unlike the heat in California, the heat here is sticky and makes you feel like you cannot take a deep breath.
The trains are a great way to get around, but when a high speed train comes by you feel as if the gust of wind will throw you onto the track.  The first time it happed I must admit I was kind of scared. It feels like you will be sucked away and there is nothing to hang on to unless you are sitting down.  I was also surprised that many of the train stops looked more like dugouts rather than a train station.
 I brought 6 bottles of water for the 7 of us; I guess math is not my strong suit.  Mario Miranda who is the chaperon for the University of Penn was kind enough to act as our tour guide.  I am very glad as we would have been lost for sure.  We had to change trains two times; we left from the 30th street station, and then transferred at Trenton, to head to Princeton University.  While the young people who I am chaperoning do not seem to mind the walk, I find that no matter what type of shoes I am wearing my feet feel like they are 10 pound weights.
I love to hear Dyana, Tom and Matt talk they are so full of life and they remind me what so great about working with these young minds.  They are our future and investment in that future.  The conversations are mostly about their futures and what type of school that they hope to be accepted by.   I am amazed at their quick grasp of a situation, and the depth of their understanding of themselves and the colleges that they think would be good fits for the type of person that they wish to become.  These young people are truly amazing!  This is an amazing experience and it is hard to believe that there is no expense to these students!

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